boat trips

& dolphn watching

respect first

Whales and dolphins are regular guests in the waters around the Canary Islands – and have a great fascination for people. Basically, we welcome the interest in the animals, because we hope this will help to raise awareness for the sea, its inhabitants and the dangers made by humans.

However, we also believe that wild animals should not be misused as a mere tourist attraction.

officially licensed as "blue boat"

For us, respect toward the animals as always a high priority. Since spring 2020 we are therefore licebsed as "Barco Azul"("blue boat") and are now allowed to offer official dolphin- and whale watching tours

large boat - small groups

We are able to offer you the largest and most comfortable boat of all diving bases in Jandia, with comfortable seating and enough space for a relaxed time on board.

We would like to spend a relaxing time with you on the water, so a maximum of 10 guests accompany us on our tours.

snacks, beverages & Snorkeling - all inclusive

On board, we will provide you with snacks and beverages - without additional cost. And if, after a round on the water, you'd like to jump in yourself: a snorkel stop just off the coast of Mooro Jable is always possible.

Please note: We do not go into the water in the immediate vicinity of dolphins or other whales - for your safety and to protect the animals.

Privat Charter & Sunset Trips

We can also offer you exclusive time on our boat - with our private charter. Only you, us and the blue Atlantic. What could be a more perfect end for a great day then a sunset, seen directly from the sea! An unforgettable experience!

What we offer on our boat trips: