dive spots

there´s a lot to discover!

Some of the most beautiful dive spots of the island are located in the south, just off the coast of Jandia peninsula – and thus almost directly “on our doorstep”. Most spots can be reached easily in just a few minutes with our Zodiac from Morro Jable harbor.

Our spots offer a lot of variety: rocky overhangs and plateaus, reef edges or sandy soils. You will discover swarm fish, rays, barracudas, moray eels, angel sharks and maybe even an octopus or a turtle.

spots for beginners

harbor mole

This dive site may not sound exciting, but is great for beginners or snorkeling trips. But the spot also offers a lot for experienced divers, like a relaxed one-way dive with the possibility to observce angel sharks, different rays and many shoals of fish.


At the bay of la Lajita, we can start our dive right from the beach. Chupadero it like a the “nursery” of the Atlantic: There are many monk fish, neon reef perch, shoals of brass, cuttlefish, octopus, goatfish, sea hares and much more.
The place ideal for “discover scuba” divers and beginners – or for a shallow, relaxed dive for the professionals.

for everyone


A reef edge running east to west with square rock formations gives this spot its name. A large flock of bastard grunts and barakudas circling above welcome you on the descent. In the crevices, glass eyes and a multitude of invertebrates are waiting to be discovered by you.

shell bank

Several stone plateaus and sandy areas in between offer an optimal living space for large and small sea creatures. The dive site is always good for a surprise. Among other things, you can occasionally encounter a loggerhead turtle or a wahoo here. Moray eels, string slugs, gurnards, hermit crabs, various shoals of fish and much more can be found here regularly.


This dive site is characterized by its rocky underground. Several rocky channels extend here. A diverse underwater landscape awaits you, with conger, zebra breeds, sea peacocks, small groupers, large mask moray eels, reef lobsters and other large and small sea creatures.

top spots

great reef

The great moray reef is one of the most beautiful dive spots on the island. A steeply sloping reef edge offers numerous hiding places for moray eels, rays and other cave dwellers.

Trusting groupers, baracudas, trumpet fish, angel sharks or swarms of brass complete this dive site.

small reef

The small moray reef is characterized by its terraced steep edge. The underwater world offers beautiful club anemones, cylinder roses with clams, groupers, barakudas, moray eels and many other small and large sea creatures.